Monday, March 06, 2006

Borders Podcast: 2/18/2006 boo ya! @ Borders! By the way, you can hear this event in our Podcast. Click here to get it in .mp3 now. I don’t know if I can get every event podcasted, but I’ll get a bunch of them. Oh, and the podcast is not recorded on state of the art equipment, but you can hear all the stories- even tho’ Kindra’s “Golden Goose” is a little crumpled.

Haven’t yet sat down and wrote you about our latest @ Borders event held on February 18, 2006. Every third Saturday of the month, 7:00PM, Borders Store at 99th Ave and McDowell Roads in Avondale, AZ.

We had a lighter crowd this month, about 30 people, for our show on President’s Day Weekend.

I led off with the Irish myth/story of “Ethna the Bride.” I figured that a good love story for the Valentine’s Day week would either endear people to our event or p* them off. You can always win and lose with a good story.

Erin was not with us this session, so I did the MC duties as well. I hope she’s back in March, she does a better job.

Following my MC work,
Kindra McGrane was up with two stories. Her first twenty-something story about workplace romance was great and adult and exactly the type of thing I want more of at these events. She followed by a version of the Grimm’s “Golden Goose “that was hampered by a microphone system that could not keep up with her range. I think I‘ll bring my Fender Passport 150 next time and unleash that on the group.

After Kindra, I did some more info about our upcoming workshops. Come learn. We’re trying to grow our own here, so any adults that want to learn to tell (and anyone 12 and over who’s mature enough) are invited to our workhops.

Harriet Cole followed all that stuff with a couple of really nice, change-of-pace, stories. She lead with “The Parrot who Bought a Load of Wood.” She followed that with a version of Kipling’s “Kangaroo and Dingo.” Her final story was the “The Outlandish Knight,” again more adult and a little bawdy. Bring it on, Harriet. Come back, Harriet. Harriet actually does these much longer, epic stories, too, so it was cool to get her on these shorter, lighter tales. Way to go.

Actually both tellers will be back again at future events. What a great night.

March is going to be killer. Go
here to learn more at our site or click here if you want to brave our spot at

Let me know if you like the Podcast and the idea of the Podcast.

Sunday, March 05, 2006