Monday, June 29, 2020

Float. Reinvent. Pivot.

Folklore is filled with stories of people who come to a fork in the road, often met by mysterious and maybe dangerous creatures.

As you move forward in the world still firmly held in the grip of a pandemic, you've got some choices.


"I hope that everything goes back to normal." That is probably not going to be in our future. The wisdom stories of the world tell us that this rarely happens once we encounter a monster. You can hover and try to wait out the storm.


Perhaps what you have been doing all along is never coming back. There are pain and grief in that, but also a great opportunity. In the "way things are," are you excited about seeing new ways to serve customers and interact with your brand, even if you don't yet know what those ways are?


We are moving to a virtual world where brick-and-mortar and direct services might not be the right choice. Is there a new way to still deliver your product or service? You customer will still love you, and you will find new ones, too.

Are you at a crossroads or fork, blocked by a creature of doubt and fog? Look that beast in the eye and, rather than running scared, address it and ask, "What is your lesson for me today?"


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