Wednesday, September 15, 2010

How To Tell A Story: Quick-Learn Storytelling Techniques!

So, we were digging around a vault of old films from the 1910's and look what we found. Who knew "how to tell a story" was so important in the Chaplin days?

Monday, September 06, 2010

Working Artist Coach: I Pack Parachutes

Do you need your parachute packed? Or, are you taking a leap and hoping you magically discover a net below?

Just reflecting today on how one sentence from a good coach coach can change your life. That's happened to me on several occasions. One huge statement came from a coach that never charged me a dime and several other life-changing moments from coaches to whom I paid more money than what most storytellers make in a year.

The power of a good coach is phenomenal. As artists, we've got to get our navel-gazing, narcissistic selves out of the way so that we can learn how to truly impact our world with our art form. Any coach that wants you to think more about yourself than your clients is not helping you. Get a coach who will nudge you off the cliff.

"Leap and the net appears." Just BS and it's wrong. Leap with a parachute instead. Find a good coach to help you pack your chute if you have never done it before.

I am very grateful today to those that have coached me and continue to do so both formally and informally.

If you need some help with that leap, contact me. I will be glad to push you over the edge.

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