Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Mama Java's Gig

I had a performance at "Mama Java’s Coffee House" in Phoenix last night. The event was "Word Spoken" sponsored by my friend Resa. "Mama Java’s" is a neighborhood coffee house that hosts a variety of artists and art forms and skip the commercialism of the chain places like, well, you know who they are. Everyone needs a $5 cup of corporate coffee? But, Mama Java’s has better scones, that is for sure.

The audience was about 20 people, many of them spoken word performers themselves. My set consisted of "Drunk Mr. Daniels," my R rated version of the story that is on the PG rated "Calling Out a Rising Sun: Stories for Teenage Boys" CD. I followed that with the Irish Pooka tale of "The Fiery Steed" and my warped version of "The Demon Cat."

I also threw in two Grimm fairy tales that I know Disney will never do. It’s funny that when I mentioned that very fact to the audience, several of them applauded. It’s good to know that so many people are concerned. Giggle. My Grimm tales where "Dog and Sparrow," a fine, bloody, horse-killing, dog murdering, house destroying, manslaughtering tale of revenge and violence. I also included "The Mother in Law" as an example of the Grimm obsession with family violence and cannibalism. Obviously stories I don’t get to do in the library and school shows.

I had a fine 45 minute set followed by a bawdy Irish tale by Resa, followed by another 45 minutes of listening to open-mic telling from mostly poets of all different levels and experience. Great evening of "everyday" storytelling in an unusual environment.
There are days I not only like my job but rather love my job. This night was one of them