Monday, December 03, 2018

Journal for Tweens: You Wake Up One Morning

Sean Buvala talks about the latest creativity journal from The Small-Tooth-Dog Publishing Group. 50+ prompts to get the creativity of the young people aged 10-13. Lots of creative pages for journals, drawings, art, graphic novels, dot grid, and more.

You Wake Up One Morning: A Kid's Prompted Journal to Create Great Stories in Words and Art!

You Wake Up One Morning. . .

. . .and there's a tiger in the corner of your room.

. . .everything you wish for comes true.

. . .you are only 2 inches tall.

What Would YOU do? Create Your Answer in Words and Art!

This journal has dozens of fun prompts all about "waking up one morning" and so many different blank pages just waiting for creative thoughts and art: boxed pages, journal pages, college-ruled, storyboards, graphic-novel style layouts and more!

Choose and Start!

Take a look through the prompts and find one that gets your brain-juice flowing. Then find a page that lets you write your thoughts or make your art...whatever you want to do! There are no "right" answers in this journal, no correct way to be creative. Go for it!

A Great Gift!

Hey Parents, Grandparents, and All Caregivers: Give the gift of mind-engaging, screens-down creativity! Take a look at this journal for the growing writer and artist in your world. With plenty of room for self-expression in this backpack-perfect sized book (7x10 inches), you probably have at least one "big kid" somewhere in your life who would love a journal like this.

The prompts in this book have been chosen to perfectly fit the fresh "abstract-thinking" mind of the preteen kid

Saturday, December 01, 2018

StoryRise Goodyear: What Is StoryRise

"The intention of StoryRise is that it's a 90-minute experience of contemporary storytelling for adult audiences. So, that means what you'll hear here is everything from traditional stories to more of the slam poetry style pieces. Our tellers range from people who have been doing this for a long time, I've been at this for 30 years, some people with lots of experience to some people that were trying to grow up, to bring them into being able to perform more. So the range will be pretty good. Each night has a theme and a workshop so it's not a kiddy thing and that's probably the most important thing, it's not for kids. It's an adult experience.

And if you want to find out some more information, where could they go?

You go to StoryRise, one word,"