Tuesday, October 30, 2007

October 2007 PodCast from Storyteller.net Is Here!

It's time for those late October seasonal storycasts and you're in for a treat. You can listen now when you click here!

This Storyteller.net Amphitheater Podcast features storyteller Jeff Gere telling "Daddy One Shark" from his CD "Haunted Hawaii, Volume 1."

You'll hear from Storyteller.net director Sean Buvala as he retells the Grimm tale of the "Willful Child" recorded live at one of our "www.storytellingatborders.com" events. Sean also shares a coaching moment about asking your clients for their stories.

Kevin Cordi lends his theatrical flair to the multi-voiced version of "The BabySitter" from his CD "The Road to Urban Legends." All CD's are available in the store at Storytellingproducts.com .

Also featured in this podcast is a recording of "Into the Hall of the Mountain King" by the "string metal" band of "Judgement Day." Their website is at www.stringmetal.com. Permission sought. Permission given. Way cool.

You can find us at Itunes as well! Find our previous podcasts all listed here

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Press Release: The Arizona Storytelling Guild Offers Free Workshop

Press Release
Use date: October 2-October 22, 2007

The West Valley Tellers of Tales Guild changes its name to the "Arizona Storytelling Guild" and offers a free workshop on the "how-to" of storytelling, October, 22, 2007 in Avondale, Arizona..

Avondale, AZ October 2, 2007- Reflecting a renewed energy and a new focus on the many uses of the storytelling art form in all areas of life and work, the longstanding "West Valley Tellers of Tales" has changed their name to the "Arizona Storytelling Guild" (AzSG). To begin their new season of guild events and training, the Arizona Storytelling Guild will offer a no-cost "Storytelling 101: An Introduction" workshop on Monday, October 22, 2007. The two-hour workshop is open to all adults and teens who are interested in storytelling for entertainment, education, health care, business narrative and cultural development purposes. The Storytelling 101 workshop begins at 7:00 P.M. and will be held at the Hilton Garden Inn, 11460 W. Hilton Way in Avondale. The hotel is just south of the I-10 freeway off of 115th/Avondale Boulevard. For more information, please see the website at http://www.arizonastorytelling.com or contact the office at 623.298.4548.

"Storytelling is a universal art form, transcending just children's entertainment to initiating and promoting change and learning in business and educational settings," says Sean Buvala, the director of events for the Arizona Storytelling Guild. In addition to being the lead presenter for the Storytelling 101 workshop, Sean is a veteran of more than 20 years of national storytelling. Returning from a national tour that included Hawaii, Illinois, Texas and Indiana, Sean will lead the participants in discovering the essential skills of storytelling as well as the myriad of applications for the storytelling arts. Buvala says, "Storytelling really is the mother of all art forms. We'll help folks explore that concept in a fast-paced and fun workshop."

"Changing the name of the guild to the 'Arizona Storytelling Guild' reflects our desire to invite more people to the diversity of storytelling. We're more than just a gathering of friends who love story. We're a coalition of artists and learners who use storytelling in all facets of our life and our careers. We hope that many more will join us, from hobbyists to professionals, to understand how to use storytelling in the places of their lives. We always have a range of skills present at any meeting, from beginners to professionals. There's always great energy around our discussions of storytelling," Buvala added.

The October 22, 2007 workshop is free of charge for all non-members. Membership in the non-profit AzSG is $25 per year and includes a variety a benefits. Potential members and guests are always free of charge at their first meeting before joining the guild. Non-members who who wish to attend various functions throughout the year are welcome to do so for a nominal fee of $10 per event. For more information about the AzSG, please see the website at http://www.arizonastorytelling.com or call the office at 623.298.4548.