Monday, May 15, 2006

May 2006 PodCast. Listen up, youse.

The new (free of charge) Amphitheater:PodCast Edition for May 2006 is now online! Click Here to Hear It Now!

In 30 minutes, we include three stories- "The One Bedroom Apartment" by Kindra Gayle, "Two Farthings" by Sean Buvala and "Grandpa Al and Max" by Glenda Bonin. There's a coaching moment with Sean Buvala and a CD review of "The Family Gazette." Sponsored this month by

Talent and Links:
Sean Buvala (host, stories and coaching):
Kindra Gayle (stories):
Glenda Bonin:
Storytelling Coaching:
CD: "The Family Gazette" :
At .
Jyl Woolfolk (Announcer/VoiceOver):

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