Sunday, May 18, 2008

Take a Listen Now! In Depth for the "Outside In Storytelling Marketing Camp."

Our most recent marketing workshop was in February. Part of that camp experience was a follow up conference call. We recorded that call and it's here for you to listen to now (click here). If you are on the edge about attending the next camp in August 2008, please listen to these folks talk about what they've learned and how they are applying the learning from the camp.

"Sean, there were so many wonderful things that came 'at' us in the boot camp, that I have just started working on just a little bit of it at a time. One of the things that became very clear to me was that I really needed to spend time redefining my niche. I thought I knew. I knew what I enjoyed. Even my mission statement didn't truly reflect what is was I actually do. So I spent time trying to refine that and working on my niche some more. That is just one of the things ( I learned). I am going to name two or three more..." - Call Participant, North Carolina

The audio is a bit rough in places, such are the wonders of conference call technology. One of the things I like about this call is that you can hear Priscilla and I working through some thoughts about marketing one of her events. This is the kind of give and take that happens at the camp- something you can't just get from listening to the camp audio recordings.

You can register for the next camp at our website. Use the promo coupon code: dryheat to save 20%.

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