Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Performing Artists Marketing Telecourse

We offered our "Grumpy Burgers" Telecourse last night. The next one is Friday, 11/2.

We had a great call last night and a handful of storytellers from around the world got some marketing ideas that few artists have ever used.

"Grumpy Burgers, Wood Fires and Cheap Whines:
The Economy is Not Your Business."

Please consider joining us this Friday (11/21) evening? Details at: http://www.prostoryteller.com.

One person Twittered me and said,

@Storyteller great workshop tonight, Sean. Rich with on-target info for performers. Thanks.

I love the chances to teach and coach. Earlier this week, someone sent me a Facebook after
our coaching session:

Joseph wrote on your Wall:
"Sean, the pleasure was all mine, I am still reeling from our conversation!!! Good stuff--Great stuff!"

Come join us this Friday. http://www.prostoryteller.com.

Growing the Arts Together,

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