Wednesday, October 07, 2009

DaddyTeller™ Ebook Now Released!


Today we launch our latest Ebook! DaddyTeller™ has arrived.

Focusing on helping any Dad tell stories to his kids, this affordable Ebook is available today with an instant download by visiting

(Moms can use this Ebook, too. Just know that it's written in guy-speak.)

Written by award-winning K. Sean Buvala, a 23 year veteran of the storytelling movement, we help Dad put down the storybooks and look into the eyes of his children while he tells them stories that pass on values, build communication, improve reading and math skills and create memories that will live far beyond the moment.

Filled with training and coaching, the book includes 8 stories with step-by-step instructions on what to say and how to say it. Going beyond fathering tips, this is a very specific guidebook.

The "DaddyTeller™: Be a Hero to Your Kids and Teach Them What's Important by Telling Them One Simple Story at a Time" Ebook is available now at the initial launch price of just $14.95.

This Ebook is just the beginning of the DaddyTeller™ project. Be part of the first to join this unique learning and telling community.

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