Friday, February 15, 2008

We Join Orville Fisk as He Buys a Camera.

Orry, knowing that many cameras are good for those who love photography, seeks out a new camera. We join the conversation between O.F. and Them:

OF: I would like to buy this camera you are selling for $85.

T: No, you have it wrong. That camera is only $20!

OF: That is a great deal! It’s a nice camera and even does some things the other camera does not do.

T: I am glad you like it and it is a good deal.

OF: Okay, here is my $20. When will I get my camera?

T: Right after you pay the store membership fee of $65 dollars.

OF: Wait you said it was only $20.

T: Right, it is. Just $20.

OF: So, just take my $20 then.

T: No, pay the $65 store fee first.

OF: But, wait, I asked you for this camera at $85 and you just said it was $20. I am confused.

T: Oh, nasty rumor. See, the camera is just $20 but you have to be a member of our store to get that.

OF: So, it’s $85 for me to have this camera right now.

T: No, you are not listening. It’s only $20.

OF: So, then what happens to my $65?

T: We send you a guidebook a few times a year with articles about taking pictures. And you get a discount when you come to the picture-taking convention with the folks who invented photography.

U: But, I can get those articles online for free. And some of those inventors don’t use digital cameras.I just wanted the $20 camera.

T: Now wait, you’re not one of them go-it-aloners are you? If you are not with us, then you must be the problem. We have to keep this pretty store open. You are a Trouble Maker, Mr. Orville Fisk!

OF: Ugg, okay. Here is $85. May I please have my camera now?

T: Yes, here it is, your $20 camera.

OF: It’s a nice camera! Now, since this is digital, then I will see my pictures right away, right?

T: No, we have to approve the pictures you are taking. That takes about 24 hours.

OF: Why do you have to approve my pictures?

T: Because someone once took a picture of some Latin words scribbled on a wall. And many people don’t understand how to take pictures. We have to help them.

OF: What?

T: Never mind, you wouldn’t understand. We’re a big giant store and you are just a big giant individual and they wouldn’t send pictures of Latin words to you.

OF: I am confused.

T: Don’t worry about it. Just enjoy your $20 camera. Here is your receipt.

OF: It reads "$85."

T: You must be reading it wrong, you paid $20 and $65, not $85. And don’t believe those nasty rumors.

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    Please tell me this didn't happen to Orry.

  2. It already has. And then, the camera shop sent a note to all the people who had already paid the store fee saying, "Oh, the camera is not $85." And when you open the envelope it came in, the room fills with smoke and and all your windows turn to mirrors. Very scary note.