Friday, March 21, 2008

Guest Speaker for August Marketing Camp Announced

I'm happy to tell you that full0time storyteller Priscilla Howe returns as one of our guest speaker for the August 15-17, 2008 "Outside In Storytelling Marketing Boot Camp."

“Practical- a road map- a clear plan for implementation makes the fuzzy part of the money clear.”
Kori, New Mexico

As you know, we will have a different guest speaker at each event. I decided to invite back Priscilla as a type of "living lab" regarding the information we talk about at the Boot Camp. As a respected and working teller, it will be interesting to hear Priscilla talk about the new ideas she learned at the camp last time as well as tweaking the already excellent things she does to market her work.

Priscilla and I also have some very different ways of looking at some of the same issues, so it makes for a diverse presentation, too.

The camp registration is now open. You can find out more at

Use the code dryheat to save on your registration.

There is a limited number of spots on this event. We learned so much from the last camp and made some big tweaks. I believe that we will now have an even better experience than the February camp, a camp that was highly praised by the first group of students.

“I think my mind set has been permanently altered by this event. The breadth and depth of your knowledge and your passion to share it are simultaneously humbling and inspiring.”
-Liz, Arizona

We've also moved to a hotel that has a more affordable room rate, if you wish to stay overnight.

“Spend the night. Treat it as a retreat. Prepare to rethink of yourself as a business. Be critical and grow!”
-Carol, Arizona

You can find out more at

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