Monday, March 03, 2008

Participants Comments from the 2/2008 Marketing Camp

“I think my mind set has been permanently altered by this event. The breadth and depth of your knowledge and your passion to share it are simultaneously humbling and inspiring.”
-Liz, Arizona

“Whew! My head is full of all I learned at the boot camp. Great job, Sean! Do It! It is inspiring, encouraging, exhausting and well worth the time and money.”
-Priscilla, Kansas

“I learned a lot! Very realistic and practical information. This camp got everyone thinking about their niche and how to be an audience-centered storyteller. Thanks!’
-Laurina, Arizona

-Veronica, Texas

“If you are giving any thought to being a storyteller, do not fail to attend the OISBC. You will see that you will be joining a group of professional artists and that you must always be open to the possibility of professional growth such as can be offered by the Camp. You will more deeply respect your fellow tellers. You will realize that even if you are not interested in making a large sum of money, you must charge adequate fees for your work out of respect for yourself and other tellers as well. You will understand the many complicated, challenging (and fun) tasks that face a person who wishes to be a true storyteller, i.e. have listeners to tell to."
-Joyce, Arizona

“Lots of pertinent information presented by an experienced leadership team who understands the nuts and bolts of making the marketing portion of the artistry simple enough for anyone to understand.”
-Priscilla B., North Carolina

“Spend the night. Treat it as a retreat. Prepare to rethink of yourself as a business. Be critical and grow!”
-Carol, Arizona

“Needed information. Very informative!”
-Elizabeth, Arizona

“Practical- a road map- a clear plan for implementation makes the fuzzy part of the money clear.”
Kori, New Mexico

“Stimulating, in-depth look at all aspects of marketing, including hands-on opportunities to play. Great hints that you won’t find any place else. Value packed!”
-LynnAnn, Arizona

“A real kick in the right direction. You’d better show up to Sean’s workshop if you have any intention of doing professional work. Get started now!”
-Sandy, Arizona

“Definitely Attend.”
-Khabir, Indiana

“Absolutely worth the time and money. Easy to understand. Practical Knowledge.”
-Cyndy, California

“Yes, you should go. This is a practical, hands-on training set that deals with the nuts and bolts part of storytelling for beginner tellers. Formulas for fee settings, information from an accountant. This is key to launching from hobbyist to pro.”
-Elly, Arizona

"Your Outside-In Workshop was full of incredibly valuable information for anyone who wants to take the next step in their telling. You presented with humor and passion. The energy level of everyone was bumped up as you got us involved, physically, emotionally and mentally to pursue our careers on a full time basis. It was delightful! Thanks for your time, talents, and great stories."
-Sandy, Arizona

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