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Performing Artists' Open Conference, August 2009 in Arizona


We are happy to tell you that we will be hosting the First Performing Artists' Open Conference this year in the Phoenix, AZ area.

The Performing Artists' Open Conference (PAOC): The Convention We Create Together.

2009 THEME: "We Create Together"

What is an Open Conference?
Although there are many definitions, an open conference is created by the participants. There are no stars or featured speakers. Rather, our open conference, much like the unconference idea, has workshops, performances and activities planned by the participants. If you wish, you can "throw your hat into the ring" and submit a proposal. Unlike most conferences, this PAOC does not have a committee to decide which proposals get accepted and which do not. Instead, all participants, on the first night, vote on which workshops they would like to participate in. From this vote, the rest of the conference is laid out and you'll be free to attend the workshops you would like when they are available during the weekend.

YOU could be a presenter. You will need to bring your creativity, your freshest ideas, your "best game" to this event and use your best presentation skills. Your workshop proposal might or might not be accepted by the group, who knows? Regardless, you are sure to hear other workshops that inform you of new ideas and topics in regards to the performing arts. To see the workshop guidelines, please click this link now.

There are only a few organized, large group events at the PAOC. Of course, there's the voting process on Friday. Lunch is provided each day. There is a concert of performing artists on the second night, with slots filled by names drawn by lottery from the participants who want to perform. Finally, on the last day, we will hold a large group "what did you learn and hear" process to share insights and challenges.

The PAOC is not for everybody. If you want to hear ideas that might not be getting "play" at the large conferences, then this event is for you. If you enjoy spontaneous creation and discussion of the arts with others, then come to the PAOC. If you need high levels of control and no surprises, then the PAOC will not be a good choice for you. If you can laugh and enjoy the company of other artists regardless of who is chosen to present, then we would love to have you. If you can enjoy the creative use of the conference space and are flexible, then you are going to enjoy your time at the PAOC. Without the long "juried workshops" process of other conferences, you might hear some brilliant speakers and presenters or you might not.

ANYONE can submit a proposal for a workshop. You must register for the workshop to submit a form. And if your workshop/performance/event is not selected, there is no refund of fees. Come with a thick skin, a sense of humor and just stay and enjoy your time with the other presentations and new friends you are going to meet.

Most of the workshops will be recorded in some format and these recordings will be made available at no charge on our website. You are also encouraged to "blog" and Twitter the conference as we go along.

The Performing Artists' Open Conference
Friday 5PM through Sunday 430PM
August 21-23, 2009

Comfort Suites Hotel and Conference Center
Goodyear, AZ (Phoenix AZ)
The conference location is easy to access from the greater Phoenix area and is about 25 miles away from the PHX airport. It's easy and convenient to get to this location. In addition, there are a number of dining and shopping options within easy walking distance.

SPECIAL: The Comfort Suites is extending a special discounted room
rate of $79 per night (plus taxes) for all participants. You must call
the hotel directly and tell them the code "storytellers" to get this discount rate.

Performing artists of all disciplines, those who love the performing arts, administrators and staff of arts programs, those who want to or do pursue the arts professionally, arts hobbyists, journalists who cover the arts, teachers, librarians and other folks we haven't listed yet. Beginners or veterans. Those who want to present and perform are welcome as are those who just want to participate as audience and workshop members. Come on out to the desert and forge some new understandings.

Your registration includes workshops, two meals, concert,
chance to submit proposal (optional) and a few other surprises.
Registration numbers are capped.

$209 Early Bird Registration by May 30.
$244 Registrations after June 1
$274 Registrations after August 1

Special discounts if registered by May 30:
If you are a member of any of our MasterMind groups or an alumni of any of our previous conferences, please contact Sean at for your costs and deadlines.

Workshop proposals must be received by August 7 to be included in the voting. Register now to avoid missing this deadline. A workshop submission form will be included in your registration packet.

Children and Non-Participants:
This workshop is intended for adults. Young persons between the
ages of 13 and 18 may register as a participant with an attending adult.
There is no registration option for non-participants.

This workshop is presented in part by funding from

You may use the Paypal button here to register for the $209 early-bird price. PayPal account is not required. Use your credit card.

You may contact us at our office at 623.298.4548 or . More information will appear on this website soon.

To register by mail, please make your check payable to "Creation Company" and send to
PO Box 392 Tolleson, AZ 85353.

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