Friday, November 27, 2009

New FrogKisser Storytelling CD from

Press Release Synopsis: releases a new storytelling CD titled "Frog Kisser" with stories including "The Frog Princess" and seven other tales of enchantments. Especially for adults and teens, the CD is available now from

Avondale, AZ- announces the release of their latest storytelling audio CD "Frog Kisser." "If you are looking for a story of the princess and the frog, we've have that as well as seven more unusual tales of enchantment and changelings," says Sean Buvala, director and producer of the CD. The "Frog Kisser" CD is now available at the website as well as Featuring the work of seven unique storytellers from around the United States, the CD contains eight stories that are designed for adults, teens and tweens. Buvala, also one of the performers on the audio CD, continued, "All over the world, there are many stories of beings changed through love, commitment and challenge. In this CD, we have captured both world folktales and original stories to remind folks that things are not always as they seem." Comments from and about all seven storytellers are available at

"We know that in this 2009 holiday season, with the latest Disney animated movie, there will be renewed interest in the stories of enchantments. We created this CD so that folks who would like to explore great stories of changeling beasts can do so with a mix of traditional tales, original works and new perspectives on old themes," says Mr. Buvala.

The "Frog Kisser" project is a unique listening opportunity for fans of storytelling. "Our CD is unusual in the storytelling world. There have been very few collaborative storytelling projects like this at the national level, and nearly none that are aimed at a slightly older audience like 'Frog Kisser'," said Buvala. "I went to some of the best storytellers from our site and invited them to join me on this new creation. We're very happy with how this turned out and I am looking forward to the next project and new discoveries with other good storytellers."

Sean Buvala, a 23 year veteran of national storytelling, is available for expert consulting and media interviews on the nature of storytelling, fairytales and legends connected with this project and all media releases based in story and storytelling.

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