Monday, December 24, 2007

Sex and Weight Loss

Headlines. How do you use them on your marketing materials?

The Reader’s Digest magazine, on the checkout stand at the grocery store yesterday, has the headline SEX AND WEIGHT LOSS at the top on the overwrap of their little magazine. My first thought was: “Reader’s Digest still exists?” Then I thought, “Where does the apostrophe go?”

Finally I thought, “Ooops, they got me. I looked at their magazine. They broke through, even with that cheesy and predictable headline, they broke through. They’re gonna get me to mention their magazine. I guess they win.”

No, I didn’t buy it. Even a good headline only goes so far if your product doesn’t serve the needs of the viewer.

A good headline grabs the reader and forces them to STOP and look at what you are saying. Even the latest RD.

What headlines do you use in your marketing postcards? What works? If you are still sending letters in an envelope, do you know how to improve your chances to get them opened?

We do.

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