Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Sean Buvala Talks about Storytelling Techniques for Business Podcast (Guest Blog)

I was fortunate to be interviewed for the "Entrepreneur People" blog talk show. There is a great deal of good content in this interview, giving you an good overview of the power of storytelling techniques in business and non-profit groups. Sherry writes:

"Sean Buvala is a storyteller who teaches, speaks, and coaches organizations on the value of the story for understanding their culture, their people, and advancing their cause. Meet Sean and hear tips on the how and why of storytelling.,, (33 minutes)"

You can listen in to the interview in the player below or go directly to the EP site at this link now.

To download the mp3 file, use this link here.

The official blog for K. Sean Buvala, storyteller and storytelling coach.

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